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AKC Registered Rough ('Lassie') Collies -- 541-980-2349

I have two puppies left of the latest litter (January 2016) Call me at (541-980-2349) or use the  form below and I will get right back to you.

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Rough Collie Facts

No longer in demand as a herder, today's Collie has transferred these abilities to serving as a devoted family dog, with a particular affinity for small children. Never happier than when he has a job to do, the Collie delights in adopting the dual role of family companion and watchdog.

The Rough Collie's abundant two-ply coat, which comes in tones of sable and white, tricolor, or blue merle, is without doubt his crowning glory. Although it obviously needs regular grooming to keep it clean and in good order, it helps that the Collie is not so profusely coated around the legs as many of the other heavily coated breeds.

Like all working dogs, the Rough Collie needs regular exercise to keep him in trim. Intuitive and anxious to please, he also responds well to training.

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Contact Information

http://www.willowcreekcollies.com  -- Heppner, Oregon

jan@willowcreekcollies.com --  Phone: 541-980-2349 --  coejan49@gmail.com

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